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Real Estate



When it comes to assets that profit from owning property, REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST is the go-to option for many investors. REITs are a special class of privately or publicly traded stock that are granted favorable tax status to deal with the capital-intensive nature of real estate operations, but in exchange they must deliver 90% of taxable income back to shareholders. REITs are fully insured properties that are funded for investment benefits, the revenues generated from the properties either by rent or production are shared amongst investors as dividends. Many investors who are familiar with commercial or residential offerings, however, overlook the many attractive industrial REITs that are out there. We offer privately traded REITs for share dividends ranging from 8-10% Dividends monthly.

We have a variety of investment/business structures for your investment, ranging from Hotels, Warehouses, Hospitals, Shopping centers, Schools, Offices, HMO’s, Airbnb, commercial forests etc. We harmonize these investment proceeds to maintain a steady 8-10% dividends monthly for our esteemed investors.

Kindly note that these properties are insured with 5 years contract duration.